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Sleepy Near -Colored- by RoxyOblivion Sleepy Near -Colored- :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 24 4
Minimal Musings
AKA... Unfinished work.
          What a perfect sky, perfect water. It is a reflection -  a reminder of what life had been like and what it should be.
          He had lost it all here, but he knew there was only one way for him to get it back. To leave. To run. To get away.
          Anchored in the harbor had been a small, white boat. A sunfish, to be exact. The color of its fresh paint matched the color of the clouds. A drifting cirrus strand, tattered by the air, and heavy with the weight of too many hopeless dreams.
It is a delicate process.
Powerful, but delicate,
and must be handled with care.
preach, erupt, majestic staircase
mothballs + grandmothers
"I can push you back."
"Well then push me.
:iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 4 5
It is a motion - soft and smooth,
With the taking of a hand, we dance
Around words.
About words.
On tip-toes, around glass - hold your breath and don't move, now -
Careful - We musn't come close.
Interests, our desires - these are nothing, but
idyllic, yes.
An illusion of what we want, we spin -
Spin, spin, spin, spin and twirl -
Collapse - fold.
Into a box, curl up,
Hug yourself tight and relax.  
Like mist in the air, it is an illusion.
I am.
You are.
We -
Are each others' inspiration, and
Nothing more
Than a passing thought, that
Is forgotten if not written
:iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 8 7
A Grey Stamp by RoxyOblivion A Grey Stamp :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 796 107 MELTDOWN :stamp: by RoxyOblivion MELTDOWN :stamp: :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 336 14 LOVE IS W A R :stamp: by RoxyOblivion LOVE IS W A R :stamp: :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 734 28 I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion I REFUSE Stamp :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 14,863 1,111
                            The words slid out of his mouth -slowly-
                                                        like s l u d g e -
                            - A mushy, warped ooze.
:iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 5 7
-KH- Heart Aflame by RoxyOblivion -KH- Heart Aflame :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 32 29 -BB- RAisE YouR hANd by RoxyOblivion -BB- RAisE YouR hANd :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 13 18 Miku + B P M + by RoxyOblivion Miku + B P M + :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 22 19 Ohime Sama -Colored- by RoxyOblivion Ohime Sama -Colored- :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 13 18 Beyond Bizarre -Colored- by RoxyOblivion Beyond Bizarre -Colored- :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 19 39 Beyond Birthday LINEART by RoxyOblivion Beyond Birthday LINEART :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 15 3 Tea Time L -ClickItforQuality- by RoxyOblivion Tea Time L -ClickItforQuality- :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 20 47
u n c l a i m e d b l o o d
      Splitting quick, they wed on a dark, moonless night in the balmy, June air. Beating hearts and rushing adrenaline, the two silhouettes stood beneath the alter, lips locked in a second of heated passion before they fled,
Into the night, leaving the third beating heart,
       Slowly, it bled.
       The stain of unclaimed blood,
         unclaimed love,
Forever the cool sand of that beach will be locked away, red in the thin hourglass of her heart. He meant to keep her unaware, of her other,
:iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 6 8

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blood tears by hotarujaejae blood tears :iconhotarujaejae:hotarujaejae 4 23 +akuroku:music+ by Jack666rulez +akuroku:music+ :iconjack666rulez:Jack666rulez 1,861 317 Was it really worth it? by Memorialfire Was it really worth it? :iconmemorialfire:Memorialfire 419 44 EmotionalSelfPort07 Part 02 by OneWhoIsLoved EmotionalSelfPort07 Part 02 :icononewhoisloved:OneWhoIsLoved 3 8
Same Sex Marriage and My Mind
Ontario has legalized same sex marriages, and according to the NPR Great Britain will follow suit within the year. Yet the United States, a country that thrives on it's freedoms (freedom of religion, feedom of speech) refuses to legalize same sex marriages...
but you can marry your cousin in many states!
Hipicritical and just plan Messed Up!!!
Why is the United States so against Same Sex Marriages? For the most part... Religious Reasons. Marriage is between a man and a woman.
Now, lets think about this for a moment... the US says for Religious REasons O.o?
Um... hello? FREEDOM OF RELIGION!!!!
                            Hipicritical Much?
:icononewhoisloved:OneWhoIsLoved 6 49
The Product of Addiction
The effect has worn off...
and the sickness returns in the depths of solitude
You can feel it crawling upon you
Eating away at your insides
Drink down the liquid
It won’t help you anymore...
Just leave you empty and wanting more
It’s like the blood you spilt months ago
The pleasure only there for a moment
and then its gone...
Repeating the processes doesn't help
Only makes the absence worse...
You want it to stop
The torture is unbearable
Tears choked off by your eyes
Hiding the truth because it’s not allowed
There's nothing wrong with you
You just can stand to be here anymore...
:iconnajarnigo:NAJarnigo 1 20
EmotionalSelfPort07 Part01 by OneWhoIsLoved EmotionalSelfPort07 Part01 :icononewhoisloved:OneWhoIsLoved 3 8 Shut up_akuroku coloured by Sira123 Shut up_akuroku coloured :iconsira123:Sira123 123 47
A Book In The Face Of Shyness
                            I find it funny, that it is you who likes me
                             someone so simplistic yet odd in my way
                                      your smile finds me across the room
                                       yet, my eye hide behind fresh text
:iconflowerboy016:FlowerBoy016 7 19
Roxas by illbewaiting Roxas :iconillbewaiting:illbewaiting 1,352 104 RokuDem by Nijuuni by COURTJ3ST3R RokuDem by Nijuuni :iconcourtj3st3r:COURTJ3ST3R 215 21
Nap TIme
Axel didn’t know how he had come across this situation; and if he wasn’t stuck being infuriated and having the strongest urge to pull out a camera, he thought he could probably come to some sort of conclusion. But since he was struggling between the good and the evil; good being burn Demyx to a crisp and evil going ‘AWW’ and pulling out a camera for a keepsake and possible blackmail—Axel had no idea how he had come across this situation.
The Living Room that Wasn’t Supposed to Be, as Xemnas had one day boredly named it, was actually a very comfortable living space and the members could dress casually here instead of their customary uniforms. So instead of looking like a cult with a twisted religion, they looked like a bunch of teens, early and late in their years, hanging out and doing nothing like the few adults sat over to the side.
On top of one of the many comfortable couches of the LRWSB, laid sprawled and comfortable and possibly warm, was Demyx and
:iconangelwing1138:AngelWing1138 162 46
AkuRoku first impression-colab by Morgwaine
Mature content
AkuRoku first impression-colab :iconmorgwaine:Morgwaine 1,051 257
I'll take you there by kimchii I'll take you there :iconkimchii:kimchii 1,645 241



Current Residence: The Castle That Never Was
Favourite style of art: Ink/Coloured Pencil or Photoshop Elements 3
Interests dead.

Correct me if I'm wrong (please, for the love of god correct me). But there doesn't seem to be any good stuff/passionate AR artists out there anymore. Like its time has passed, or something.

I don't know. If you guys (what little of you remain) find any good stuff, let me know.

(And I also lump myself into the group of less-passionate AR-lovers. After all, how long has it been since I was on here/WROTE an AR fanfic?)

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